Artpocalypse April: A Daily Egyptian art challenge

Stay at home orders and quarantines may mean you have a lot of free time on your hands. The Daily Egyptian would like to encourage everyone to be creative and share their talents during this time.

To that end, the Daily Egyptian is inviting readers to participate in Artpocalypse, an art challenge lasting through the month of April.

The rules are simple: create a piece of art that is related to the prompt for the day, take a photo of it and tag the photo with #DEartpocalypse and @dailyegyptian for a chance to be featured on the Daily Egyptian’s social media accounts.


Artpocalypse is open to all readers and you can use whichever medium you want or have at your disposal. The challenge starts April 1 and lasts through April 30.

Here is a complete list of the daily prompts. Pick and choose or do them all!

April 1: Misfortune

April 2: Lethargy

April 3: Seasonal allergies

April 4: Research

April 5: Reflect


April 6: Debate

April 7: Battle

April 8: Campaign

April 9: Drive

April 10: Explore

April 11: Exercise

April 12: Quest

April 13: Separation

April 14: Coworker

April 15: Reverse

April 16: Adversity

April 17: Green

April 18: Treat

April 19: Fall

April 20: Mask

April 21: Greed

April 22: Cozy

April 23: Seven

April 24: Bored

April 25: Horn 

April 26: Motion

April 27: Hoard

April 28: Friend

April 29: Wave

April 30: Last

Contact [email protected] with any questions or comments.

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