SIUC Student remembered for honor, compassion

SIUC Student remembered for honor, compassion

By Matt Daray


Kenton Barrick could be described as someone who was caring, friendly and someone who just enjoyed life.

The senior from Anna studying computer science died Sunday afternoon in a multiple-vehicle accident. Police said Barrick was heading north on McLafferty on his motorcycle when he collided with a vehicle at West Chautauqua. The impact caused the vehicle to hit a third vehicle, which in turn hit a fourth. Barrick was taken to Memorial Hospital in Carbondale, where he was pronounced dead shortly after the crash.


Susan Farner, Kenton Barrick’s mother, said he was a very positive person who enjoyed life to the fullest and was always there for people.

“He was all about his friends and being the best friend he could to whoever he could,” she said. “He really tried to find the good in everybody and he really was a lovey, touchy kind of guy.”

Farner said Barrick was never on anyone’s bad side and would always try to find the positives in life.

Molly Reeves, an SIU graduate working at Pinch Penny Pub and one of Barrick’s co-workers, said he was one of the most honorable people she has ever met.

“(Kenton) totally committed to everything and anything he ever did,” she said. “If it meant driving after working late at the bar to go be with his family, if he had a family event … he was there.”

Reeves said Barrick met his girlfriend, Courtney Hamilton, while working at Pinch Penny Pub and the two instantly fell for each other.

“As cliche as it might sound, it was definitely love at first sight,” she said. “They hit it off, they spent the last two years together, whether it was visiting the theater or spending time with Courtney’s friends.”


Hamilton was also on the motorcycle when the crash occurred and was transferred to St. Louis University Hospital for treatment. Reeves said Hamilton was expected to be released Tuesday night.

Arrangements for Kenton Barrick’s wake are Thursday at the Rendleman and Hileman Funeral Home in Anna from 4-8 p.m. Barrick will be buried Saturday at the Mackinaw Township Cemetery in Mackinaw.

Reeves said the staff of Pinch Penny Pub will be acknowledging Barrick’s passing on the weekend. She said family, close friends and past and present co-workers will be hosting a celebration of life ceremony Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at The Copper Dragon.