Saluki summer training

“In a few days, I go home for about a month so I’ll be working out with my dad, who’s a personal trainer. I’m definitely going to try and hang with a few friends, and I have a sister that’s getting ready to head off to college, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to see her when the year starts. She’s going to U of I next year for track.”

-Diamond Taylor, sophomore guard for basketball from Chicago studying sociology




“The first week of break, I intend just to take a week off to spend with my dad and the family up there. We’ll probably go on a camping trip. My goal for the summer is to get up to 250 (pounds) and become more mobile. I definitely want to increase my strength quite a bit. I’m trying to learn Spanish, honestly. I’m taking a full year of Spanish this semester and I actually want to learn it; I don’t want to just take the class.”

-Harry Whitt, an undecided freshman center for basketball from Tucson, Ariz.




“Over the summer (my plan) is to practice every day that I can, either hitting balls on the range or actually going out and playing 18 holes. I’m also getting in a few tournaments to get some competition. I plan to work on every aspect of my game but focus a lot on my short game. If I’m able to get up and down more often, my scores will start going lower and I will become more consistent.”

-Ashleigh Rushing, a sophomore golfer from Marion studying Elementary Education




“All I am doing this summer is playing golf. I hope to play in about five to seven tournaments and practice every day. A few tournaments I am going to play in are qualifiers for bigger tournaments, so I hope to play well. The others are just some local tournaments to keep my competitive juices flowing and prepare for the fall season.”

-Cassie Rushing, a sophomore golfer from Marion studying Sports Administration




“I’ll be training all summer, trying to work up to the sectional meet the last week of July. This was a good first year for me; I dropped a lot of time out of high school and got fourth in the conference tournament.”

-Calvin Kolar, an undecided freshman swimmer from Carbondale




“I’m going to have a qualifying event in California for the Olympic games at the end of May. Then I’m going back home, so my summer depends on whether or not I make the trials. If I don’t make it, I’m going to keep training, but I probably won’t be as focused as I would be training for the Olympics.”

-Juan Arbelaez, a sophomore swimmer from Columbia studying Management




“I’m taking classes here at school this summer, but apart from that I’ll be working out and continuing to improve my game. I want to lead the team as best as I can this summer and in the upcoming season.”

-Joe Okon, junior linebacker from Arlington Heights studying psychology




“I’m moving back to Chicago and getting a job. I don’t know, just moving back home, trying to move downtown and get a job. Something in sales, probably with an athletic company.”

-Jordan Sivertsen, senior outfielder from Richmond studying marketing





“Hopefully I’ll get drafted after this year, and if that happens, I guess I’ll be playing ball for whatever team picks me up. (I’m) relying on one thing right now, so hopefully it works out.”

-Chris Serritella, redshirt junior first baseman from Glenview studying sports administration





Thank you to all the saluki athletes for a great year of sports!

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