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Rabbi Mendel Scheiman delivers remarks after lighting an electric menorah on the first day of Hanukkah Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, at the Old Main Lounge in SIU's Student Center. (Brian Muñoz | @BrianMMunoz)

Photo of the Day: Musings under the menorah

By Brian Muñoz, Photography and Multimedia Editor
December 14, 2017
Photo of the Day: Remembering on Memorial Day

Photo of the Day: Remembering on Memorial Day

By Jacob Wiegand
May 29, 2017
Daily Egyptian file photo

Photo of the Day: Last minute cramming

By William Cooley
May 10, 2017
From left: Sawyer Schrader, a graduate student from Sterling studying engineering;  Lady, a mixed breed rescue dog from the St. Francis Care Animal Shelter in Murphysboro and Katy Stoughtenger, an alumni from Carbondale, spend a morning playing with Lady’s companion Bennie, Katy’s three year old boxer (not pictured) on Sunday, May 7, 2017, at Stehr Field.

“There are no good dog parks in Carbondale that are open to the public,” Sawyer said. “Since this used to be a dog park it’s nice. It’s open, fenced in and we keep it clean. It’s great.”  (William Cooley | @Wcooley1980)

Photo of the Day: A day with the dogs

By William Cooley
May 7, 2017
From left: Juliette Makara, a senior from Arlington Heights studying sports administration; Caroline Bush, a junior from Germantown, Tennessee, studying university studies and physical therapy; and Clair Bammann, a sophomore from Pontiac studying civil and environmental engineering, perform a piece titled “Helium” on April 29, 2017, during the Southern Illinois Dance Company’s spring concert in Furr Auditorium. “We had a great group this semester,” said Montana Taylor, president of the SIDC and a junior from Atlanta majoring in accounting and sports administration. “Everyone was really dedicated to making sure we had a strong, diverse concert that showed people our passion for dance and commitment to improving our technique and versatility as dancers.” (William Cooley | @Wcooley1980)

Photo of the Day: ‘Our passion for dance’

By William Cooley
May 1, 2017
After exploring the flooded fields adjacent to Pleasant Hill Road in their canoe, A.J. Kimble, a senior from Jerseyville studying marketing, and Jace Munselle, a senior from Fairfield studying finance and accounting, carry the canoe back to their car April 30 in Carbondale. “This is usually the road I take to Giant City,” Munselle said. “Yesterday I was just driving around and saw it was flooded and blocked off. I haven’t been canoeing in a while so we decided to go.” The pair said they canoed for about two miles in the surrounding fields. “These are some of the most beautiful places to canoe,” Kimble said. “We saw a baby owl,” Munselle added.

Photo of the Day: Canoeing in the flood

By Morgan Timms
April 30, 2017
Amina Butt, of Carbondale, shows a series of white flags with sayings on them to her son, Yusef, on April 13, 2017, at Carbondale’s Gaia House. About 25 community members gathered at the Gaia House for a vigil as a sign of solidarity with Syria amid the country’s civil war. Butt is a member of the Carbondale Muslim Center and her father is president of the city’s Interfaith Council, a collaborative group of local religious leaders. Butt said she wanted to bring her children to the vigil to teach them about the world and help them understand the ongoing conflict in Syria. “It puts their blessed life in perspective for them,” she said. (Bill Lukitsch | @lukitsbill)

Photo of the Day: White flags for Syria

By Bill Lukitsch
April 15, 2017
Photo of the Day: Beach balls for free speech

Photo of the Day: Beach balls for free speech

By Branda Mitchell
March 21, 2017
Dean, a student in SIU’s Head Start program, and Alexandra Spillman, a student in the physician assistant program from Effingham, look at an X-ray of Curious George during a doll clinic March 8, 2017, at the Head Start center in Carbondale. Adam Guss, a student in the physician assistant program from Milan, said the kids pretend their dolls are their own children when they come to the clinic. “It just brings kids to light about making them more comfortable coming into the doctor’s office,” Guss said. “Seeing their dolls, or babies as we call them, be more comfortable then it makes them more comfortable coming into see us.” This is the fifth year for the doll clinic. Head Start requested the last names, hometowns and ages of children not be published. (Jacob Wiegand | @jawiegandphoto)

Photo of the Day: Checking up on Curious George

By Jacob Wiegand
March 8, 2017
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