2020 race heats up and candidates begin to drop

By Juniper Oxford, Staff Reporter

The democratic field of candidates is narrowing, state primaries are nearing and another debate will be held next month.

Sixteen candidates have dropped out of the 2020 presidential race so far. There are still 16 candidates remaining of the two major parties, according to the New York Times. 

Cory Booker, Marianne Williamson, Julian Castro and Kamala Harris have all suspended their presidential campaigns within the past month. 


A recent RealClearPolitics-approved poll by the Des Moines Register has Sen. Bernie Sanders with a lead of 3 points in Iowa, the first state to vote in the 2020 primary. 

Quarter four fundraising ended on New Years Eve and candidates have been releasing their totals since. All campaigns must disclose their totals by Jan. 31. 

Released by each campaign, the numbers go as follows: Sanders at $34.5 million, Buttigieg at $24.7 million, Biden at $22.7 million, Warren at $21.2 million and Yang at $16.5 million, with others either not disclosing or not coming near those totals. 

Six of the 16 candidates, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Steyer, have qualified for the Jan. 14 debate, according to the NYT. This will be the final debate before voting begins and will be held in Iowa. 

There will be three debates in February. The first will be Feb 7. which is four days after the first vote is cast in Iowa. The New Hampshire primary will be four days after the first debate on Feb. 11, according to Election Central.

The Illinois primary will be on March 17, and is the 5th largest primary in terms of delegates at 155. 

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