Top-5 Hulu originals

Hulu Plus is one of the three giants of video streaming services. When it comes to TV shows, not even Netflix can contend with the day-after service of Hulu Plus. 

This service doesn’t have the name value of Amazon Prime in original TV content though. But this doesn’t mean the streaming service doesn’t have interesting original content.

Here are five Hulu Plus original series worth checking out.  


5. “Quick Draw” (2013):

This improvised comedy historically marks the streaming services third jump into the land of original content. It also provides an incredibly hilarious and ridiculous experience.

“Quick Draw” uses western clichés to satire a genre and keep you laughing for its two seasons.    

The show’s improvised nature, while not as clean or intelligent as a show like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” brings a lower-grade level of quick-witted comedy seen in very few shows today.

4. “The Awesomes” (2013):

“The Awesomes,” a parody of a superhero show, brings a comedic pedigree to Hulu Plus that hadn’t been seen before it.

Seth Meyers, of “Saturday Night Live” fame, is one of the co-creators and stars of the show, which was also executive produced by SNL creator Lorne Michaels.


Along with the creative side, the show stars people like Ike Barinholtz, Taran Kilam and Kenan Thompson, who bring their talents to a series that could have ended up being nothing.

3. “Behind the Mask” (2013):

Great documentaries and documentary series follow perspectives few people have seen before. Mascots at sporting events are a perfect example of this and something this Hulu Plus original talks about brilliantly.

The lives, dreams and aspirations of the mascots are as normal as anyone’s and that makes the show easily connectable.

2. “Difficult People” (2015):

“Difficult People” hits the comedy trend of making a show a character piece as well as bringing the laughs. It does this just as well as shows like “Louie” and “Master of None.”

Following these terrible individuals as they try to make it in the comedy game will anger viewers as much as it makes them laugh.

The talent of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner brings a sense of sarcasm and jadedness that helps both aspects of the show.

1. “11.22.63” (2016):

This show is the only drama on the list, but for good reason. While Hulu Plus has had serious shows before “11.22.63,” nothing has reached the level of this Stephen King adaptation.

Talents like James Franco and Chris Cooper bring a film prestige to the show. Being a limited series helps make the series feel compacted and tense, much like a novel and movie.

Yet, by making it a show, “11.22.63” hits character arc’s and themes that help keep viewers emotionally captivated and connected.

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