SIDC is born again

By Ashlyn Ege, Staff reporter

Southern Illinois Dance Company showed fresh faces of its new members  at their fall concert themed “Renatus,” on Nov. 16 and 17.

“It’s kind of a revolution or rebirth of our company,” Olivia Vincent, a senior at the university who has danced with SIDC for three years, said.

While the company is run by university students, it’s open to the public. For example, community members are invited to try out if they would like to become members of the dance company and preform at seasonal concerts. Open classes are at 6:30 Wednesday evenings at Furr Auditorium. 


As the company moves forward, the would like to have more community members than they have in the past, Elise Ratcliff, a senior at SIU who has been at SIDC for three years, said.

SIDC is also a company for people regardless of their dance background. 

“If you are hesitant or think that you shouldn’t try out maybe because you don’t think you’re the best dancer out there that’s okay,” Ratcliff said. “I encourage anyone that is interested to try out anyway.” 

Vincent said joined because she didn’t have extensive background in dance and was looking for for something that wasn’t going to be too stressful that could work with her schedule.

The company’s classes can be taught by community members, outside choreographers, or SIDC members, Vincent said. SIDC offers a wide variety of dance styles of dance from modern to hip hop.

“We had a vogue class that Michael Radford taught,” Imani Williams said. “He is also a student at SIU. It was culturally interesting.”

In addition to dance classes, the company holds social events and volunteering opportunities, Vincent said.


Company members said SIDC represents a close knit group, similar to a family.

“That’s the best part,” Williams, a first semester member at SIDC, said. “There’s so much organization and leadership from so many of the girls, and it just goes seamlessly.”

SIDC embodies what team work and dedication is, Williams said.

“The environment with the company is amazing,” she said.  

Staff reporter Ashlyn Ege can be reached at [email protected].

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