State Governor candidate Dillard announces running mate

By Matt Daray

Kirk Dillard’s choice for Lt. Governor is set and it’s one of southern Illinois’ very own.

Dillard traveled around Illinois Tuesday to announce his partner, Jil Tracy, for his bid to become Gov. of Illinois. Tracy is a former Carbondale and Anna resident who also attended and graduated from SIU.

Choosing Tracy was a way to show people that the entire state is important and not just the Chicago area, Dillard said.


“I have had the privilege and the honor of working with all of the regions in the state of Illinois,” he said. “And today, with my announcement of Jil Tracy as my choice for Lt. Gov., I am making the down payment on the promise that I will be a Gov. for all of Illinois.”

Tracy has the experience and judgement needed to get things done, Dillard said. He said their goals are to provide Illinois with the leadership it lacks, create jobs and take care of the state’s pension problem and financial situations.

The future of the state is a huge problem that needs to be addressed, Tracy said.

“I’m honored and humbled to be chosen as Lt. Gov.,” she said. “As a state representative, I’ve enjoyed working for the people of western Illinois, but like all of you, I’m very concerned and I love this state.”

Tracy was born in Carbondale and raised in Anna. She also attended SIU, where she graduated with honors in political science and earned a law degree.

Tracy serves on the pension conference committee and is one of six members on the Legislative Ethics Commission. She has also served on the Special Legislative Investigation Committee and was a member of the impeachment committee that investigated former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Some attendees of the press conference were thrilled with the choice of Tracy as Lt. Gov.


Larry White, an Anna resident, said Dillard and Tracy have his vote because he knows Tracy cares about the area and he has known her for a long time.

“Jil is from Anna, her mother is a wonderful friend of mine, and I taught Jil in high school,” he said.

White said he knows Tracy works hard and will stay true to her word. He said he hopes she gets elected to office and makes changes in the state.

Louise Williams, an Anna resident, said she came to support the Dillard campaign because she thinks they are trustworthy individuals who well solve her issues with the state.

“I came out today because I (wanted) to say that I wanted to move out of Illinois because it is so corrupt,” she said. “We’re taxed heavily and southern Illinois gets ignored by the Chicago politicians and I feel it’s important (to) get back to the basics.”