Beer, breakfast, pregaming the day: PK’s at 8 a.m.


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Lisa Pangburn-Fenton, of De Soto, sips her drink while she reads the newspaper on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at PK’s in Carbondale.

By Mitchell Brown, Staff Reporter

Most people aren’t up and on the way to their nearest bar at eight in the morning but if you’re brave enough to visit “Carbondale’s largest adult daycare,” you are bound to find something for everyone.

PK’s Bar in Carbondale begins serving hot breakfast starting at 9 a.m. through 1:30 p.m. – all created under the masterful hand of James Hinkle.

Peter Rogalla, PK’s kitchen assistant, said Hinkle is the “King of the Kitchen” on Saturday mornings and cooking is an art.


PK’s menu ranges from biscuits and gravy, to skillets to several a-la-carte items – all served within 15 minutes.

While some may wonder what the atmosphere is like, they must keep in mind this is still a bar. Locals and college students alike have beer and mixed drinks to accompany their breakfast.

“Of course, life is better with a beer,” Jeana Childers, a PK’s regular from Carbondale, said.

Hannah Murray, a senior studying dental hygiene from Orland Park, said she and her friends come to the bar for mimosas and a great breakfast.

To some, Saturday’s at PK’s are referred to as Carbondale’s Breakfast Club, Darrel Ukropin, another PK’s regular, said.

“The slots are hot, the muff is old, and the beer is cold,” Erik Perks, a Southern Illinois University alumni from Sparta, said while echoing the sentiments from many other regulars.

Childers said PK’s welcomes anyone who walks into the Carbondale locale.


“It’s a good family oriented place, it’s a blue collar place,” Childers said. “Anybody is welcome here, any race, any religion.”

With the bar being open so early, many students consider PK’s a perfect location to catch an early drink or “pregame.”

Colton Trina, a senior studying industrial management and applied engineering, said PK’s is perfect for pregaming tailgates or trips to the winery.

Claire Moore, a junior studying political science from Springfield, said she was doing just that – pregaming for a trip out to the wineries.

“PK’s is a must because of the cheap mimosas,” Moore said.

Rogalla said PK’s on Saturday morning is the place to be for anyone over 21.

“It’s home,” Hinkle said.

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