Traffic and Parking Committee raises ticket prices, proposes lot changes

By Jacob Lorenz, Staff Reporter

The SIU Traffic and Parking Committee passed a motion Thursday to increase parking ticket prices for blocking crosswalks or wheelchair ramps from $20 to $75.

Lisa Caringer, head of the Disability Support Services, said the price increase is a good thing.

Caringer said blocking the restricted areas for those with disabilities can not only make them late for class, but can also be dangerous for them.


This motion was passed at a traffic and parking committee meeting held at the parking division office. USG senators Colton Newlin and Trey Hentis met with representatives from around campus for the meeting.

Newlin proposed changing Lot 4, the parking lot between Thompson Point and the communications building, be changed back to red. The lot is currently an overnight green lot for those who live in the dorms at Thompson.

The proposed idea would be to have two thirds of the parking lot red and one third green. Newlin said this would allow better access for students who commute, especially those who have a majority of classes in the agriculture building.

Another lot change proposed was Lot 21 near Woody Hall and Quigley Hall. This project would completely redo the parking lot and open up 25 more parking spots for faculty. The project is estimated to cost $310,000.

Hentis also suggested Lot 52, a red commuter lot, be changed or expanded. Hentis, a senior studying engineering, said the lot is very cutthroat due to how many students use the Engineering building and how few parking spots are close to it.

Hentis said expanding lot 52 into the faculty Lot 37 would be a massive relief to many students using the Engineering Building. He also said making Lot 37 half or even one fourth red and the rest blue would still leave enough space for faculty while giving students a place to park close to class.

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