SIU sticks with coach despite NCAA sanctions

SIU sticks with coach despite NCAA sanctions

By Terrance Peacock

The National Collegiate Athletics Association released a 29-page public infractions report today sanctioning Chadron State College for a case involving rule violations against former head coach Bill O’Boyle who is now SIU’s offensive line coach.

According to the NCAA report, the 2011 case includes the provision of extra benefits to student-athletes, maintenance of three private bank accounts and unethical conduct by providing false or misleading information during interviews. A football student-athlete was also allowed to compete while ineligible.

O’Boyle was named SIU’s offensive line coach on March 22.


Athletic Director Mario Moccia said although SIU knew about the allegations, the university still took a chance on O’Boyle.

“We spoke to people at Chadron State,” Moccia said. “We spoke to, at the time his current employer, which was Messa State of Colorado where he was the offensive coordinator. We spoke to the folks of the NCAA and after hearing all of the case and reading volumes of the investigation, we were comfortable with taking Coach O’Boyle on with some conditions.”

Moccia said the restrictions regarding O’Boyle’s contract were submitted directly to the NCAA.

“When you tell the NCAA ‘hey we hired coach’ and he has the situation ongoing with the NCAA, the NCAA asks us, ‘hey what are you going to do to ensure the rules are followed,” Moccia said.

O’Boyle’s contract through SIU states a number of restrictions, which include O’Boyle can have no control over or access any funds related to fundraising for the football program. He cannot have any involvement directly, or indirectly, with football camp registrations and he must attend a 2014 NCAA Regional Rules Seminar at his own expense.

O’Boyle has strong ties to SIU. He has an uncle, who was the Salukis’ defensive coordinator from 1968-1973. Two of his brothers lettered at SIU in the early 1970s and he also had two other brothers who played football at SIU.

In an interview in late August, O’Boyle said this was one of the main things that attracted him to the job.


“I’ve known SIU since I could remember,” he said. “I have four older brothers who played here, so I can remember coming down here as a little kid. I can remember when they put turf in on McAndrew (Field). I was here when they did that.”

Moccia said having a good relationship with the university played a role in hiring O’Boyle.

“It helps from the standpoint you know somebody a little bit more,” Moccia said. “A lot of people know the family, but the circumstances dictated our decision. We talked to everybody at both institutions and we had discussions with the NCAA so that’s really what ultimately led us to our decision. The family ties I think were a little bit of a cherry on top.”

Moccia said the penalties, which include three years probation to Chadron State were enforced by the NCAA.

The NCAA has ordered the Division II school to vacate the results of all games in the 2011 and 2012 football seasons. In 2011, the Eagles were 6-5 overall, and 6-3 in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and in 2012 was 9-3, 8-1 in conference and reached the Division II Playoffs.

Along with three years probation, these penalties include Chadron State must pay a $5,000 fine, the football program must withhold one full-time coach from recruiting off-campus for the spring and fall 2013 recruiting periods and paid recruiting visits will be reduced from 75 to 60 for the 2013-14 academic year.

Despite the baggage that came with the hire of O’Boyle, Moccia said he is pleased with what O’Boyle brings to the athletic program.

“The players love him, he’s a great member of the community, I couldn’t be happier with the play of the offensive line under his leadership, and he’s a great guy to work with,” Moccia said.

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