Mosby: Top five commercials leading up to Super Bowl LIII

This coming weekend, we will be graced with the pinnacle of the professional football season – Super Bowl 53.

The Super Bowl not only showcases the current year’s best American Football teams, it allows family and friends a chance to come together and bond over tasty foods and laughter.

Growing up, I didn’t know the most about football, but I was always overjoyed to attend my uncle’s annual Super Bowl party. My favorite cousins would be there to play with me, I got to eat some of my most favorite foods, and not to mention, my mom allowed me to drink as much soda as I desired.


Besides my cousins and the unlimited soda, my favorite thing about the Super Bowl was the commercials that would play in between timeouts. Some would be heartfelt and sweet and others would be funny and sometimes crude. I’m going to share my top ten my favorite Super Bowl commercials, in no particular order.

1. Mother, Son and Boyfriend Doritos’ Commercial

This hilarious commercial features a mother preparing for a date with her boyfriend and her son in the living room with Doritos. When the boyfriend comes into the house to pick up the mother, he reaches for a Doritos, but is immediately slapped by the little boy. After slapping the boyfriend the boy says, “Put it back! Keep your hands off my mama. Keep your hands off my Doritos!” I remember watching this particular commercial several times after it aired for the Super Bowl. I like this commercial because it’s very funny and it reminds me of several of my younger cousins.

2. Budweiser’s Beer “Lost Dog” Commercial

This heartfelt commercial features the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horse who befriends a small puppy that lives on the farm with him. The commercial shows the puppy accidentally wandering into a shipment trailer and being taken away from the farm. It then shows the farmer consoling the sad Clydesdale and posting lost dog signs all over town. The puppy eventually finds its way back to the farm only to be confronted by a growling wolf. Suddenly, we see the Clydesdale break out of  the barn to come to the puppy’s defense and scare the wolf away.

The commercial then cuts to the heartbroken farmer, who breaks into a smile as he sees his Clydesdale and puppy running toward his house. The farmer cleans and hugs the puppy and all is well at the farm again. The first time I saw this commercial, it tugged at my heartstrings and of course made me want a puppy. This commercial was very well made and did a great job at targeting its audience because, who doesn’t love a puppy reunion story?

3. Doritos’ Ultrasound Commercial

This hilarious commercial features a woman and her husband at the OB/GYN looking at an ultrasound of their soon-to-be-born child. During the ultrasound the husband is eating a bag of Doritos and realizes that the baby is following the chip in his hand as he moves it. He continues to move the chip teasing the baby and the baby continues to hit its head on the insides of the mother’s stomach.

After teasing the child, the father does one last fake out toward the wall, but realizes the way he moved the chip would lead the baby out of the womb. Suddenly, we see the baby disappear from the ultrasound screen and we hear screams from both parents and the doctor. Doritos continues to make great and humorous commercials that are different every single time. Of course this situation could never happen in real life, but the idea of the baby having a mind of its own and chasing a Dorito could make almost anyone laugh.

4. Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice” Commercial

Many of us are familiar with Amazon’s latest invention, Alexa. She can play your music, call your friends, read you recipes and order online purchases. In this 2018 Super Bowl commercial, Alexa loses her voice and is unable to speak, so Amazon chooses various celebrities to try out for Alexa’s job by connecting them into random customer’s Alexa devices.

The celebrities in this ad include Chef Gordon Ramsay, who screams at his customer for asking how to make grilled cheese, rapper Cardi B, who plays only her music regardless of what the customer asks Alexa to play and actor Anthony Hopkins, who refuses to call his customer’s significant other and proceeds to scare her with his Hannibal Lecter voice. The ad ends with Alexa regaining her voice and taking her job back. This commercial is in my top five because it features many of my favorite celebrities and I found it funny watching these celebrities do their best Alexa impersonation. 

5. Snickers’ Marilyn Monroe Commercial

My last pick is the Snickers’ Marilyn Monroe commercial. Many of us are familiar with the “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” Snickers’ commercials. This commercial is apart of the series and features Green Goblin actor Willem Dafoe in a white dress standing on a subway grate. The dress is being blown up into his face and Dafoe begins to yell and complain to the director about the scene.

A member of the crew then hands Dafoe a Snickers bar and he immediately turns into Marilyn Monroe and complete the famous dress scene as the screen reads “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” This commercial is very cool because the producers were able to ad an actress who had passed away in the ad and make it seem like she was actually there. Not to mention, it was hilarious seeing the man who played the Green Goblin in Spider Man yelling in a dress.

The Super Bowl is not just a time to cheer on your favorite football teams, eat great food and drink unlimited soda, it is also a time to watch and laugh at ridiculous, hilarious and sometimes heartfelt commercials with your family and friends.

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