USG passes senate resolution on RA’s ability to get a second job

By Austin Phelps, Staff Reporter

USG passed senate resolution 19-02 on its final meeting for the semester, giving two solutions to the issue of RA’s seeking the ability to gain outside employment from the university while remaining an RA.

A resident assistant is provided room and board and a meal plan as a form of payment for their work, totaling $5,288.34 per semester. RA’s are also given a pre-tax stipend of $600 per semester. This breaks down to RA’s being paid around $2.00 an hour.

In the senate resolution 19-02, USG said the RAs should be allowed a second job, or get an increased semester pre-tax stipend.


“Increase the semester pre-tax stipend from $600.00 to approximately $2,500 to offset the gap in hourly wages for these University employees, from approximately $2.00/hour to $8.25/hour,” According to the senate resolution 19-02. “Or allow RA’s to seek outside employment to make up for the gap in hourly wages with the current monthly, pre-tax stipend.”

Toussaint Mitchell, president of USG, asked his fellow senators on changes they felt were necessary moving forward. Senators were generally pleased with the way USG has run this year, praising the executive board on fixing the timing issues that were present last semester.

Tiej’Ann Williams, a USG senator, said she originally joined so she would have something to add to her resume. USG is now something she enjoys.

“When I did it I thought it was really pretty cool because you’re becoming a leader on campus,” Williams said. “You’re helping people and you’re trying to make this campus and this school better.”

Paxton Morse, vice president of USG, said he thinks this semester has been successful.

“Getting the meetings done efficiently and effectively. I’ve been here 4 or 5 hours before,” Morse said. “Paying attention and being engaged really helps out.”

Morse said the new senators in USG this year have done really well. Keeping new senators coming in is a focus for next semester.


“Seeing the issues that we have on campus and striving to make our senate do as well as they can to fix the issues that we have,” Morse said.

A barbecue RSO, Smokin’ Dawgs was approved at the meeting. The club will cook barbecue and compete in competitions throughout the year, as well as catering events.

Staff reporter Austin Phelps can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @austinphelps96.

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