Parking Division accepting peanut butter for up to $35 citations on Nov. 9

By Farrah Blaydes, Staff Reporter

The Department of Public Safety Parking Division is hosting a fine-reduction event for the SIU Food Pantry in addition to removing up to $35 citations for students who participate.

The SIU Food Pantry is a free pantry where students can get non-perishable groceries with no charge. The pantry is only opens Monday and Thursday From 1-4 p.m.

On Nov. 9, students and faculty can be eligible for a citation dismissal with a minimum donation of two 16-oz plastic jars of peanut butter or multiple jars equivalent to 16 oz.


Any acquired fees on the citation must be paid first in order to receive the waiver.

The Parking Division requires peanut butter as its only donation, Benjamin Newman, chief director of DPS said. Substitutions are not accepted.

“Peanut butter is packed with nutrients and a great source for protein,” Newman said.

The citation dismissal will cover students and faculty parking tickets.

The goal of the event is to help support the SIU Food Pantry, Newman said.

“The idea was developed with the Student Center staff,” Newman said.

Students and staff with multiple citations that are equivalent to $35 will not have them all removed. The citation waiver refers to one citation per person.


Miranda Munguia, a senior studying cinematography said she’s excited about the event.

“Parking Division can at times be brutal with their fining and regulations, and I love how this donation can now waver a citation, even if it’s just for a day. It shows they have some humor and want to support a good cause,” Munguia said.

Citation dismissals will not be permitted after Nov. 9.

Students and faculty interested in participating can drop donations off at the Parking Division’s main office on 1175 S Washington St. or the satellite office in the Student Center on Nov. 9.

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