President Trump addresses Pittsburgh synagogue attack, endorses Bost at rally


President Donald J. Trump addresses the crowd during the Murphysboro campaign rally, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, at the Southern Illinois Airport. (Isabel Miller | @IsabelMillerDE)

By Claire Cowley, Staff Reporter

Upon a late arrival, President Donald Trump said at a midterm election rally that American hearts are filled with grief following the killing of Jewish people at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“This evil and anti-Semitic act was an assault on all of us […] it’s an assault on humanity,” Trump said. “It will require all of us working together to extract the  hateful position of anti-Semitism from our world.”

Trump also said this act can not be ignored, tolerated or allowed in our society.


“We must stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters to defeat anti-Semitism and forces of hate, because that’s what it is,” Trump said.

Trump said attacks like this are why the U.S. needs to bring back the death penalty.

“We must draw a line in the sand and say very loudly, never again,” Trump said.

Trump said current 12th district state representative Mike Bost will be a big win for re-election.

“[Bost] does not stop [working for Illinois],” Trump said. “He is a great guy and is a warrior.”

Trump said other people in Illinois don’t care about this state’s improvement and Bost will cut taxes and protect Medicare.

Bost thanked the rally visitors for showing how much they love Trump.


“[If you want someone to] fight for jobs, factories and workers, vote for Mike Bost,” Trump said. “Illinois has been ripped off by other countries like [China and Japan].”  

President Trump said he and Bost recently visited the two new blast furnaces in Granite city works U.S. steel corporation.

“[We were] rebuilding other countries, now American steel and pride will rebuild this country,” Trump said.

President Trump said his administration strives for resistance and results in comparison to the leading democratic politicians who resist and obstruct.

Trump said a vote for Bost’s campaign opponent, Brendan Kelly, who is a Democrat, is a vote for 43rd district state representative Maxine Waters and U.S. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

“[They] are job killers, [promote] open borders, are weak on crime and illegal aliens,” Trump said.

In an official statement from Brendan Kelly’s campaign for Southern Illinois about Trump’s visit to Murphysboro said he hopes Trump got outside the hangar to see that all southern Illinois is hurting.

“I hope Bost and Bruce Rauner got a chance to see the damage they caused to so many lives in [this region],” Kelly said. “Bost has been in office for years — years in which life Southern Illinois has gotten harder.”

Kelly said he will work with anyone from any party to make life better for people all over this region because after 35 years in office, Bost hasn’t.

“President Trump got a few facts wrong today about Brendan [sic], and Bost is no stranger to telling falsehoods on television,” the statement said.

The statement said Bost pledged his allegiance to GOP majority leader Kevin McCarthy while telling Kelly that standing up to party pressure is really hard.

Addressing immigration policies, the statement said Kelly supports securing the border, building a wall where necessary, and stopping the flood of drugs into our country.

“However, our immigration system is broken and one party controls the White House, House and Senate,” the statement said. “They have no excuse for not getting it done.”

Bost said at the rally that he has voted in favor twice to fund the Mexico border wall and to reform the immigration process.

“We want [immigrants] to be here legally, and we want [them] to be a part of this process,” Bost said.

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