Love is Most Valuable Player in NBA

By Tyler Dixon

Kevin Love has been on a roll this season and is ranked in several categories but his Minnesota Timberwolves, (yes, his team because they have no one else that can lead them) are pretty far down the standings in a stacked Western Conference.

Again, Love is the MVP this season and he is undoubtedly the most valuable on his team. Any other top team could lose its best player and still have a shot at the playoffs. If Love left Minnesota, they would get worse. It’s hard to imagine how they can get worse but they would.

Although Love has potential to be an MVP, I do not believe he is not the best player in the NBA. That award goes to LeBron James or Kevin Durant.


Durant has put up ridiculous numbers the past few games. He is a scorer, plain and simple. Also, fans that do not like James cannot argue with his ability. He could go down as one of the top-three players of all-time.

How would the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and Timberwolves do if they each lost their best player?

Take James off of the Heat and they could still be a contender. Get rid of Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder could still win the west but get Love away from the Timberwolves and they would turn into a glorified D-League team.

The Timberwolves still have Ricky Rubio, that’s a joke. They still have Kevin Martin, another joke. Martin could not even crack the staring line-up for the Thunder after they lost James Harden.

It is not a surprise that there has been speculation about Love changing teams. Minnesota does not have the appeal of Los Angeles or a New York City. The obvious team that has been named is the Lakers. It would be a good fit for Love and the former number one team in L.A.

Love would get to finally play in a market where he does not have to be the center of attention, which will be good for him. After all, he did go to college only 13.5 miles down the road at Pauley Pavilion, the home of the UCLA Bruins. It would be a homecoming for Love and it needs to be done.

Love’s game on the court does not need much work. He can score anywhere on the court. He does not play as good of defense but when you rebound at the rate he does, it’s okay to be lax in some part of the game.


The next few months will be important for Love, not the Timberwolves. They already have a very slim chance to make the playoffs. They sit in ninth place in the west, with a 20-21 record overall. The Washington Wizards have the same record in the east and they are in sixth place.

Now, who wants to be a Minnesota fan for the second half of the regular season? It is a solid assumption no one raised his or her hands.

Any basketball fan should love Love’s game. He is great and he is smart on and off the court. He recently blew off a reporters comment in a post game interview because the reporter did not ask Love a question and Love called him out.

This is the final plea for Love to be voted MVP this season. #LoveforMVP2014.

Tyler Dixon can be reached at [email protected], @tdixon_de or 536-3311 ext. 256.