Couples Column: A Halloween marathon


Staff reporter, Emily Cooper, and Chase Pierce watch a Halloween saga movie marathon. (Allie Tiller | @allietiller_de)

By Emily Cooper, Staff Reporter

It’s spooky season which means Halloween is not complete without a Halloween movie marathon.

I laid back into Chase’s couch in the same plain room as before when Chase and I spent 12 whole hours watching the Conjuring series. This time it’s a spook-tastic Halloween edition.



We started this series with the original Halloween, of course, which I would have to say I forgot how much I loved the theme song music that played in the background every time Michael Myers awkwardly stood in the background of the set scaring the characters.

The music was what really built the suspense throughout the movie.

While watching this original movie I found out that it was Chase’s first time watching this one. I was shook.  

However, the special effects of this original movie were as bad as the original Jaws. Horrific.

Chase thought, in comparison with horror movies today, it wasn’t scary. The acting was stale, but the story line was great.

It made complete sense, since the setting took place in the late 1970s, Halloween the movie could’ve been terrifying to people in that time frame.

Chase liked the ideas of the original movie, but suggested after watching that it could be turned into a great movie when the effects, acting and settings for current times are adjusted.


The first movie left us a bit bored, but we decided to continue the marathon because what’s a marathon with only one movie? It’s not.

Halloween 2:

I got up to make some popcorn for the second Halloween while Chase switched out the movies. I moved to the recliner, while Chase laid across the sectional with a blanket covering himself.

I pulled a blue and red blanket across the recliner as I ate my popcorn with the Halloween theme song playing in the background as we began the second Halloween.

This one was more exciting than the first one, it carried a lot more suspense for me at least. It definitely did its job of continuing the information based off of the first Halloween.

It was more murder-fueled than plot-driven, which was kind of boring after sitting there for over an hour filled with nurses running up and down the lonely hospital while Myers walks throughout the halls slashing people away, but it was far better than the first one.

We finished that movie in no time, and I was Halloweened out for the night, that same moment Chase was getting sick.

Even though Chase was sick we still managed to watch the Rob Zombie Halloween movie the following night.

Halloween (2007)

Chase only made it through the first half.

This movie took a completely different direction than the original series. This one focused way more on the storyline and background. That made it more understanding of the entire situation.

The downfall of this movie was that sometimes it seemed like Myers was a good guy. Myers is supposed to be the embodiment of evil, and they tried to make him seem like he was justified to do what he did.

Pure evil usually doesn’t need moral justification. On top of that, the murders in this one decided to use as much fake blood as possible. It was a little bit of overkill.

That was enough for me, I don’t think I could’ve made it to the second Halloween and also Chase was out of commission as he became so sick he couldn’t even open his eyes when the lamp adjacent to the recliner was on. Poor thing, enough was enough.

(Editor’s note: You didn’t go through all 11 movies? How can I trust you as an expert?)

Halloween (2018):

I think I had to stop after the first Rob Zombie movie because I was too hyped for this new one, oops.

This had to be my favorite one thus far.

Chase, his brother Jacob and I drove to the movies that same night to finally watch what we have all been waiting for.

We buy the tickets along with a drink and popcorn. What’s a movie without the popcorn, I mean come on it makes the experience so much better.

Anyways, we walk into theater five where we all roam aimlessly wondering if we’re in the right theater, I go back to double-check when Chase figures out someone is in our seat. So as Chase does best, he confronts this couple while Jacob casually sits next to them in his seat.

At this point I just want to sit down and relax before the movie starts. Finally after some bickering, they move and we sit down. Chase sighs as a sign of annoyance and relief. It’s showtime.

The word “Halloween” pops up in orange and yellow on the big screen while I shove my face with popcorn.

Without spoiling this movie, the only comment I would have to include is that this movie felt like someone had revised the original, corrected all the mistakes, then put in a lot more time and money to make a truly great horror film. It was awesome.

All I will say is it made me jump and have a nightmare the following night, maybe because I get scared easily or whatever, but it’s definitely worth all of the hype. Go see it, you wont regret it.

Ranking System:


  1. Halloween (2018)
  2. Halloween 2
  3. Rob Zombie Halloween 1  
  4. Original Halloween 1


  1. Halloween (2018)
  2. Halloween 2
  3. Original Halloween 1
  4. Rob Zombie Halloween 1

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