Jordan Maddox elected GPSC Vice President of Graduate School Affairs

By Rana Schenke, Staff Reporter

Jordan Maddox, a third-year law student, was elected as Graduate and Professional Student Council’s Vice President of Graduate School Affairs Tuesday night.

Abdulsamad Humaidan, a graduate student studying education curriculum and instruction, and Alex Davenport, a graduate student studying communication studies, were also nominated for the position.

According to Dianah McGreehan, Vice President of Administrative affairs, Davenport, winner of the initial election on Sept. 18 which has now been voided, withdrew from the ballot preceding the current election in order to further his academic research.


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“[The vice president of graduate school affairs is] the official liaison between the professional student council and the graduate school, communicating with all areas of academic affairs,” GPSC President Clay Michael Awsumb said.

Awsumb said the vice president serves as a resource for graduate students by keeping aware of issues affecting the graduate school and its students. The vice president also does research and makes reports to the council.

The vice president also serves as the de facto chair of the graduate council, according to Awsumb, and meets regularly with the dean of the graduate school.

“While I’ve been here, I have worked for numerous media outlets, so that’s given me the ability to get to know the administration on a different level,” Maddox said in her speech. “I’ve also gotten to know a lot of the community and the officials in the community.”

McGreehan also gave testimony in support of Maddox for the position.

“In this position, you have to be able to investigate and research and write,” McGreehan said. “You can’t wait sometimes for the problems to come to you, you have to recognize the problems that aren’t being said by administration.”


McGreehan said Maddox’s past experience as an investigator and reporter allows her to fulfill these requirements.

Neither Awsumb nor any council member said the official final vote count.

Because Maddox was previously a graduate council representative, her former position became vacant once she was elected as the vice president, and a new election was held.

Six candidates were originally on the ballot for representative. All but one withdrew from the election prior to voting.

Jarmeika Taylor, a second year law student, was elected to the position.

GPSC will meet again on Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. in the Old Main Room of the Student Center.

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