Rocky Horror (Picture Show) tradition lives on

By Elizabeth zinchuk

There is only one time and place each semester where students can dress up and participate in an interactive show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is sponsored by the Student Programming Council and takes place every semester. Don Castle, student center programs associate director, said this is one of the longest running traditions SPC has.

“I couldn’t even tell you how long we’ve been doing it, it’s well liked,” he said.


Sara Vicente, graduate assistant for the university programming office, said students and the public can participate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday and Saturday at midnight in the Student Center Ballroom B. Student admission is $3, general public admission is $4 and prop bags are $3.

Castle said it is an interactive event where people dress up and reenact scenes from the movie. He said the experience is fun and brings different people every year.

“We show it because people come, we have a very loyal audience and we have a lot of new people that come, too,” he said.