Saluki Elevator Pitch Competition has students compete to pitch their best business ideas

By Farrah Blaydes, Staff Reporter

Inspired by the TV series Shark Tank, the Saluki Elevator Pitch Competition will be held Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. at the Dunn Richmond Economic Development Center. The idea is to be able to market your idea to someone in a limited time frame.

“It’s basically being able to pitch an idea, yourself or business in 60 to 90 seconds,”  Jacob Coddington, president of the Saluki Entrepreneur Corps registered student organization, and a graduate student studying business administration, said.

The event is free for anyone to enter, Coddington said.


“The winner of the competition will receive an all  expense covered trip to Kansas City, Missouri for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Global Conference and the opportunity to participate in the National Elevator Pitch Competition,” Coddington said.

The national competition is Nov. 1 to Nov. 3. SIU has had participants compete in the competition and place as high as fourth place, Coddington said.

The RSO was created to enhance students business and entrepreneur skills.

“The event is important because if you’re in a elevator with your dream client you want to be able to market yourself,” Coddington said.

The RSO partners with local businesses and companies to help build their communication and entrepreneur skills.

Kyle Harfst, the advisor for the RSO and director of Research Park at the university, said the event is a great opportunity for students.

“An elevator pitch is an excellent way for a business startup to concisely describe his or her business idea,” Harfst said.


Harfst said this way students can get feedback from judges about their business ideas.

Students from all areas of interest are welcomed to attend and participate. The competition hosted in the Economic Development center will have a panel of judges and competitors from the university.

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