So many bowls, so little time

By Tyler Dixon

The Super Bowl is one of biggest spectacles on television every year, but there are more bowls now than just the big game.

One term that has been thrown around for this year’s game is the weed bowl. Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, but it’s useless for football players because marijuana is still banned under the league’s substance abuse policy.

Maybe the puppy bowl is more your speed.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or wiener dogs or Snoop Dog; you’re going to watch the Super Bowl.

Aside from the talk of the weed bowl, the biggest storyline is obviously the game. Who’s going to win? This game is going to be about match-ups. Can the Denver receivers contend with the physicality of the Legion of Boom? Which team has the better players by position?

Peyton Manning is a stud. That’s all that can be said. He can throw touchdowns all day and even make a Papa John’s pizza if he wanted to. Manning has a strange fondness for Omaha, Neb. as well. Not many teams have the weapons to throw to that Manning has. He can throw the deep ball to Demaryius Thomas, he can hit Wes Welker in the slot or check down to Julius Thomas or one of his running backs.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson does not have these weapons, but he can hand it off to Skittles enthusiast Marshawn Lynch, so he can go beast mode on the Denver defense.

The match up that will be the most intriguing is Manning against Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Manning will do one of two things, he will either stay away from Sherman’s side of the field or he will go right after him.

The most exciting segment of the night will be the post-game interview with Sherman. Yes, he’s outrageous. Yes, he says things he probably should not say. Right now, he is the best cornerback in football. He has more interception return yards by himself than the entire Broncos defense.

In every Super Bowl, there’s always an unsung hero. Last season it was Jacoby Jones for the Baltimore Ravens. In the 2008 Super Bowl it was New York Football Giants wide receiver David Tyree catching a pass with the help of his helmet. This season it could be a special teams player or a back-up running back that could be the hero, it’s anyone’s guess.


The weather could be an issue in the game as well. The game is being played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., where the weather may not be the best for a Super Bowl. It’s going to be about who can adapt the best. If the wind is swirling then the Seahawks and Wilson will have the advantage. They can still move the chains without throwing the ball down the field while Manning moves as fast as a tackling dummy in the pocket and need to throw the ball.

Every Super Bowl has a storyline. Last season it was the Harbaugh Bowl, this season it could be the young gun against the veteran. Whatever the storyline is going to be, the game is going to be good. Yes, the commercials will be great too but honestly it’s all about the game.

While millions of people will be at Super Bowl parties, the staff at the Daily Egyptian will be grinding out another paper, all while being visited by an accreditation board determining the future of our journalism department. I just hope when they come to the newsroom they are football fans.