Best study spots to cram for finals

By Rana Schenke and Isabel Miller

Finals week is here and with that brings looming deadlines and exams. It helps to change environments and study somewhere else when you’re cramming for finals.

Here is a list of some of the top study spots for SIU students.

Morris Library


Morris Library is a huge study spot that is on campus. Whether you’re cramming for a test and need solitude or working on a group project, Morris Library can fill both needs and anything in between.

The library’s multiple floors are designated for group studying, quiet studying and complete silence. There are lots of secluded spots for studying, particularly in the basement.

If you are looking for study resources you can find them in the library. There are rows of bookshelves with information just waiting to be looked at and other study help, such as the Writing Center waits to help you with that upcoming final paper.

The library also has computers and printers for those who don’t have the luxury do having those appliances in the dorms or at home.

If your phone or computer is running low on battery life, don’t panic. Morris Library offers places through the library to charge your devices.

Students can also quench their thirst, maintain their caffeine-induced focus and keep the munchies off their minds at the library.

Morris Library allows non-messy foods and covered drinks; plus, you can buy a study snack or drink at Delyte’s Cafe.


Longbranch Cafe

Longbranch Cafe is great place to meet with another person or group to chat, study and eat.

The cafe has a diverse menu filled with vegetarian and vegan treats and meals.

Longbranch Cafe opens at 7:30 a.m. and is a cozy place to have your morning coffee while you study for your classes later in the day.

Longbranch Cafe is best for group studying, students who live off campus or have a car, and those who enjoy delicious (and/or vegetarian) treats.

Faner Hall

Although one can get lost in Faner Hall as they try to find their classes, it’s an unusual place to get beneficial studying done.

There are many indoor and outdoor places to sit down and study throughout the building. The building is also conveniently located as it is in the middle of campus.  

If majority of your classes are in Faner Hall, then it is the best place for studying between those classes.

Japanese Garden (behind Faner Hall)

On the sunny and warm days the Japanese Garden behind Faner Hall is a calming outside environment to study in.

It’s on campus, behind faner hall across from Morris Library.

In the garden there is beautiful landscaping and benches for people to sit, relax and study.

The Japanese Garden is best for when you need a relaxing study environment to get you in the right mood.

Blend Tea and Crepe Lounge

Blend Tea and Crepe Lounge is a chill spot to enjoy free wifi, various types of teas, and crepes.

It also has long hours from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Whether you study early in the afternoon, or late at night you can do it at Blend.

Blend works great for groups and individuals looking to study.

At the crepe joint there are various seating options whether you’d like to relax on couches, have group study or sip in your tea in solitude, outdoors and indoors.

The Student Center

The Student Center has oodles of study lounges for any student to take advantage of.

Whether you are taking a break between classes or just looking for a quiet space to study, there is a study lounge for you. Wi-Fi is available throughout the Student Center.

On the first floor you can eat while you study at the Marketplace Food Court.

The Study Lounge on the second floor provides a calm place for students to hit the books, or you could chill out on the couches in the International lounge.

The Lower Level Lounge is another great area to study, as it is quiet and has low light. If you want to take a break from studying you can relax your brain in the TV Lounge on the first floor.


With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air.

Why not get your school work done while you’re out enjoying the sunshine? All around campus lake there are tables and benches in secluded areas.

It is a good atmosphere for studying and you can clear your mind by taking a walk to an exercise station on the fitness trail around the lake.

Grab an old quilt and study on the green grass; or take advantage of one the many courtyards outside of campus buildings. Nearly any space you can find can be turned into a great place to study.

These are just a few of the many places to study in Carbondale. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find your own place that you can go to anytime you need to really focus on something.

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