Just your typical college student

By Tia Rinehart

College students: it’s important to know you are not alone. Here are 35 things you have probably done more than once during your college career.

1. Skip at least one class per week.

2. Eat the same thing for weeks at a time (ex: ramen noodles, peanut butter sandwiches, hot pockets).


3. Watch Netflix.

4. Lie about reading the assigned pages.

5. Sleep less hours than the average person should.

6. Ask your parents to put money in your account.

7. “No mom, it is not for beer.”

8. Dream big.

9. Miss home.


10. Have wine nights.

11. Have dance parties.

12. Never clean the bathroom.

13. Cram for exams.

14. Then tell yourself, “C’s get degrees”

15. Cry because you don’t know how you will get everything done.

16. Get everything done.

17. Try some crazy diet.

18. Complain about your roommate(s).

19. Hate work.

20. Love money.

21. Drink way too much coffee.

22. Procrastinate.

23. Realize your parents aren’t that bad.

24. “Liquor before beer you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor never been sicker.”

25. Tell your friends the embarrassing stuff they did last night.

26. Forget to eat.

27. Eat every 30 minutes.

28. Search for love.

29. Reevaluate priorities.

30. Then reevaluate them again.

31. Change your major.

32. Find out who your friends are.

33. Get scared of the real world.

34. Discover what you want out of life.

35. Work your butt off to get it.