Turning rage into humor, students host and perform in upcoming comedy show

By Marcus Burton , Staff Writer

Your Mom’s House comedy group, organized by Julius Jefferson, a senior studying Cinema and Photography, is hosting it’s latest show, “Fuck Donald Trump”, on Friday, at 8 p.m. at the Flyover Social center.

The theme for the event was inspired by activists in Carbondale putting together a J20 Solidarity week.

J20 Solidarity week supports the 200 people who were arrested in an anti-capitalist and anti-fascist march on Jan. 20, 2017 when Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.


The marchers were put on trial for felony rioting charges. Six of those arrested, according to the Washington Post were acquitted on Dec. 21, 2017 on all charges.

According to Defend J20 Resistance press release, charges were dismissed for 129 people out of the remaining 188 defendants on Jan. 19.

Jefferson said the best way he could support the defendants was to host a comedy show that directly focused on the president and people’s frustration with him.

A lot of people that come to the show are pissed off with that guy and same with a lot of performers,” Jefferson said. “I want to see if that rage can be turned into a great comedy show.”

When the audience comes to the comedy show, Jefferson said for them to not be afraid to voice their disapproval for the U.S. government.

“Personally, I feel that a lot of the people who are still aligning with the government at this point are just too scared to criticize it, ” Jefferson said. “Unless your rich, there’s no way you’re actually having a good time as an American in terms of politics right now.”

It okay to be mad, Jefferson said, and it’s specifically okay to laugh and make fun of the government.


Stephen Greene, a senior majoring in Radio, Television and Digital Media and a regular attendee at Your Mom’s House comedy shows supports Jefferson’s views on the role comedy has in society, specifically when commenting on politics.

“Comedy is a great way to to get a point across and express the feelings that no one really likes to talk about,” Greene said.

Although it’s a comedy show, Greene said the event is to raise awareness on J20 and speak out against the harsh penalties that protesters are facing.

Your Mom’s House comedy events originally began in Jefferson’s living room, and have expanded to venues such as The Flyover Social Center.

“I started doing these shows after I got tired of how open mics didn’t provide any useful experience to aspiring comedians,” Jefferson said. “I wanted to provide a setting where anyone who’s interested in trying to get into comedy can perform to an audience that’s there for comedy and only comedy.”

All jokes aside, Your Mom’s House is trying to jumpstart comedy careers and is open to anybody.

Your Mom’s House consists comedians who are just beginning at live comedy, which Jefferson said, is the quality that makes these beginning comedians very unique.

“It’s way different than seeing a famous comedian whose cocky for the entire show and gets laughs for any joke,” stated Jefferson. “You expect that with them. These guys at Your Mom’s House are able to turn themselves into the coolest person in the room without even breaking a sweat and it’s always exhilarating to watch them do so.”

The comedians that perform in these comedy shows are mostly just people who Jefferson thinks are hilarious and are willing to go up on stage and “turn their charms into a performance”.

At the Your Mom’s House events, the audience is very involved with the shows Jefferson said.

“The audience is so encouraging to every performer,” Jefferson said. “Even when they bomb, the audience is able to find some way to have fun with the performer since they’re among so many friends.”

The bigger picture of these comedy shows is not only for entertainment but to provide a place for aspiring comedians to practice their craft and in a sense get their feet wet for the real world of comedy.

“I run Your Mom’s House to serve the good and stressed out people of Carbondale,” Jefferson said. “It’s always rewarding to see a show go amazing and see everyone have an incredible time.”

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