Molly Young’s dad files million dollar civil suit

By Branda Mitchell

Two years after the controversial death of Molly Young, her father has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against former boyfriend Richard Minton.

Her father, Larry Young, is suing for $1 million, claiming the death of his daughter, who died from a gunshot wound to the head March 24, 2012, resulted in a loss of her guidance, services and companionship and caused him continuous grief, sorrow and mental suffering.

Larry claims the defendant was present at the time of Molly’s death, as stated in lawsuit documents. He claims Minton caused or contributed to the then 21 year old’s death by shooting and or providing the gun used, the papers state.


Minton’s then roommate, Wesley Romack, called the Carbondale Police Department because he believed Molly was dead. Minton’s voice was then heard on the phone, where he proceeded to describe the situation, according to released phone records. Minton, a then Carbondale police dispatcher, identified himself to the dispatcher he personally knew.

Minton showered, changed clothes and washed his hands after the shooting in an attempt to conceal evidence surrounding Molly’s death, according to Larry as stated in lawsuit documents.

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