Father files lawsuit over son’s suicide

By Tyler Dixon

The father of a Cambria boy who committed suicide last October filed a lawsuit Monday in the wrongful death of his son.

Bradley Lewis, of Collinsville, is suing the Carterville Community Unit School District, Carterville Superintendent Bob Prusator, Carterville Principal Keith Liddell, Carterville football coach Dennis Drust, the Cambria Police Department, Erik Restock and 3screens.com.

Lewis’s son, Jordan, 15, shot himself October 17 at his home.


The lawsuit states the gun Jordan used to shoot himself was owned by Restock, who was living with Jordan and his mother in Cambria.

Bradley said his son was bullied at Carterville and Jordan wrote a letter that said bullying is what caused him to commit suicide.

The suit states several instances in which Jordan was bullied. It said students and members of the Carterville football team slammed Jordan’s head into lockers.

Officer Paisley, of the Cambria Police Department, was sent to do a welfare check on Jordan the night before he died. The check was done because Jordan told his friend Alexis Moore he had suicidal thoughts. Moore told her grandmother who then called the police.

Bradley’s suit is for plaintiff compensatory and punitive damages, pain and suffering, attorneys’ fees, expenses and cost of legal action.

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