Saluki Bar N’ Grill goes 21 and up

Saluki Bar N Grill goes 21 and up

By Marissa Novel

Saluki Bar N’ Grill opened its doors exclusively to patrons 21 years and older for the first time in five years on Sept. 14.

Owner Greg Knoob said the age limit changed from 19 to 21 and older after he bought the bar and Cali’s back from Robby Deltre, who he sold the bars to in 2009.

“I always operated it as 21 and up and I feel the pub atmosphere is more conducive to that crowd,” Knoob said.


Cali’s will still allow 19-year-olds to attend.

He said several customers requested the age limit to be changed when he became the owner again.

“Many people over the past year – more than any other time – have come to me expressing their interest in bringing a 21 and up sports bar, restaurant and pub back to Carbondale,” he said. “This was my chance to do that.”

Manager Blaine Beasley said the doors connecting Saluki bar and Cali’s will be closed and will only open for special events. He said Saluki Bar, which no longer has a cover charge except during concerts and events, is also adding more high-end liquor selections to the bar.

“We’re trying to branch out into a bunch of varieties that you wouldn’t expect to find in Carbondale that you can only find here,” he said.

He said the bar is going to expand its “whiskey wall”, a selection of more than 40 different whiskeys, bourbons and scotches.

Colleen Camarano, a junior from Elmwood Park studying special education, said she does not support the age change.


“I’m under 21. … It’s frustrating when I can’t go somewhere because the age limit,” she said. “Many of my friends are 21 and people like me—who only have a few months to go—get upset when an entire group of people they go out with are somewhere they can’t go.”

Maggie Symonds, a senior from Vernon Hills studying mortuary science, said she favors the switch.

“I think people who are 21 need a place to go to escape all the young people,” she said. “That’s a privilege you get when you’re 21, but down here, not so much.”

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