New to residence hall life? Here are 10 essentials for every dorm dweller

By Samantha Keebler

Your parents have probably been dreading this moment since you started kindergarten, but you’ve likely been excited about it for months. It’s time to move into your first dorm and begin your college career. You will finally transition from living at home and depending on your parents to having independence and a space that’s your own. As excited as you are to start your new chapter in SIU, it’s important that you properly prepare for life away from home.  Here are 10 essential items you should include on your move-in list:

  1. Command Strips or hooks for hanging pictures, lights and other decorations to give your dorm a personalized touch. Refer to the 2017 Resident Handbook for guidelines.
  2. Shoe racks or hanging shoe organizers, because you’ll probably bring way too many shoes. Who knows when you’ll want to wear those sandals from 2010 — fashion repeats itself, right?
  3. A coffee maker. Trust us, you’ll need caffeine on hand for those nights of cramming for exams and typing research papers.
  4. Posters — whether it’s a poster of your favorite city or a movie you’ve seen way too many times, posters make a great addition to your space. If you need to stock up, SIU hosts poster sales periodically in the Student Center. Check the university event calendar for upcoming sales.
  5. Storage bins are crucial to maximizing your space. The dorm rooms are pretty small and afford less space than you’re probably accustomed to. Bins allow you to keep food, clothes or whatever other items you’ve packed in a convenient place.
  6. A safe for your personal information and most precious belongings — it’s important to keep your identifying documents and extra money protected.
  7. A Bluetooth speaker — because everyone in your dorm NEEDS to hear Kendrick’s new album.
  8. Prescription medications: you probably have a pharmacy back home that deals with your usual prescriptions, but while you’re here, we recommend you check out the Student Health Center Pharmacy, which is a convenient, on campus alternative to Walgreens or Wal-Mart.
  9. Noise cancelling headphones and sleep masks for whenever your roommate’s snoring keeps you up for a third night in a row, or when they insist on binge watching Broad City with the brightness on their laptop turned all the way up.
  10. Vases, paintings and other knick-knacks. Art can make your dorm feel more like home and allows you to express your personality. SIU hosts a Craft Fair from September 29th to September 30th, which features local artists and their newest creations. The fair showcases everything from earrings to toilet seat guitars. Check the Student Center website for more details.
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