Cali’s to re-open as Levels this weekend

By Marissa Novel

The bar and nightclub previously known as Cali’s will reopen under a new name, Levels, Friday, after renovations have kept it closed for four weeks.

Owner Greg Knoob said the renovations are mostly cosmetic improvements, such as updated lighting and furnishings.

“There were bare concrete floors before, they’re not bare anymore,” he said. “Things were just not complete before, and now they are.”


Knoob said Levels would continue to be open to patrons 19 years or older.

He said the doors between Saluki Bar ‘N’ Grill and Levels will be open during unofficial Halloween, but entry into Saluki Bar ‘N’ Grill will be regulated by bouncers and permitted only for patrons 21 years or older.

Knoob also said his staff has changed, after a Chicago consulting firm specializing in nightclubs trained his employees.

“You can expect to see more professional staff, more highly trained staff,” he said.

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