‘The goths emerged and demanded more’: Gothic dance event sparks from house party


Patrick “Frost” Scott slow dances with Alistair Wiley, both of Carbondale, at the Oblivion VI: Gothic Prom on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at The Hangar 9 in Carbondale. (William Cooley | @Wcooley)

By Justin Gunzel

Vincent Segretario put on his black eyeliner and spiked his multi-colored hair in preparation for a gothic-themed house party for his friend’s last fall.

Six months later and his “one off-goth party” has turned into a monthly event at The Hangar 9 that draws a crowd wearing combat boots and black lipstick into the local bar.

“The goths emerged and demanded more,” Segretario, of Marion, said of the Oblivion events.


Oblivion is a dance event that focuses on dark alternative music and goth culture, which Segretario coordinates and DJs. His tracks are based around a mix of current and classic dark-alternatives along with darkwave, new wave, industrial, EBM, dreampop, shoegaze and more at the events, Segretario said.

“People are more excited about the alternative music and dance scene,” Segretario said. “It really makes me happy and I want to continue to put on this event.”

After spending three years performing in different night clubs in Chicago, Segretario came back to Carbondale to help with the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Marion. He said he made a lot of friends in the area, who said they wanted to experience “a dance scene that Carbondale was missing.”

Vincent Segretario, of Marion, plays a variety of gothic-themed music and videos at the Oblivion VI: Gothic Prom on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at The Hangar 9 in Carbondale. (William Cooley | @Wcooley)

The events have grown so big that Segretario packs up all of his DJ equipment and travels from his home in Chicago to Carbondale to play at the local bar for his fellow gothic fans.

“The demand for subverse culture in Carbondale is high, being that it’s a melting pot of different types of people with diverse backgrounds,” Segretario said.

Segretario said he wanted to provide a “mainstream” outlet for the gothic culture to thrive and to let people experience what he cares so much about. He said everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come out to the event, “whether they are goth or not.”

This month’s theme is “Gothic Prom,” with Segretario playing from 10 to 2 a.m. Thursday. Formal dress is encouraged, but not required. There will be Oblivion themed t-shirts, for anyone without their own gothic clothes, and “spooky themed” bath bombs for sale.


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