USG adjusts RSO funding guidelines

By Marissa Novel

Members of Registered Student Organizations can now place small funding requests 30 days before events, rather than months ahead.

The Undergraduate Student Government adjusted RSO event funding guidelines, swore in two senators, approved of seven new RSOs and allocated funds for two events at its Tuesday meeting.

The senate passed an act allowing RSOs to apply for funding less than $150 up to 30 days before the event.


“Many RSOs come to request funding and a lot of the time, it’s really hard for them,” Treasurer Nick Roberts said. “It’s a huge, really long process so I think the shorter, express way to do it would help a lot of RSOs while still remaining efficient.”

Roberts said previously organizations had to request funding months before their scheduled events, regardless the size of the request. He said RSOs can do this twice a semester.

“There have been several requests for under $150,” he said. “There was one that even requested around $70, and it was a really long process just for that.”

Two senators were also sworn in at the meeting, leaving 10 available senate seats.

Several RSOs were approved at the meeting as well, such as the American Association of University Women, Students Composing Space, Educators for Excellence, SIU Service Dogs, SIU Special Olympics, Mission Improvable and a Computer Arts and Technology Society.

American Association of University Women strives to break through economic and educational barriers and enhance diversity through advocacy, education and research.

Students Composing Space designs and creates architectural art installations on campus and is open to students from any college.


Educators for Excellence prepares future teachers for the workforce by providing leadership and professional development. To join, students must have signatures of recommendation from professors.

SIU Service Dogs trains specially bred dogs to aid members of the blind and disabled communities, as well as people with mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

SIU Special Olympics will bring Special Olympic events to campus and include disabled veterans in the activities.

Mission Improvable is a group focused on improvisational acting, or acting in skits without preparation.

Computer Arts and Technology Society is a group that focuses on computer arts such as animation and graphic design.

The senate approved requests for about $1,700 for two of the Newman Catholic Student Organization’s special meal events. The first, a midnight breakfast, will occur during finals week, giving students time to eat and study the night before exams. The organization will also provide Thanksgiving dinner for students away from home during the holiday.