The Floozies talk funk, new music and inspiration before their Copper Dragon debut

The Floozies talk funk, new music and inspiration before their Copper Dragon debut

By Marissa Novel

Two brothers, one band and several tracks of funky, looped electronic beats will have one boogying rather than resting this Sunday.

Electronic duo The Floozies, consisting of brothers Mark and Matt Hill from Lawrence, Kan., will be making their Carbondale debut at 8 p.m. Sunday at Copper Dragon.

Freddy Todd, a psychedelic glitch-funk DJ from Detroit, will open the show at 9 p.m. Tickets can be bought online or at the door for $12.


Guitarist Matt Hill employs unorthodox, loop-based beats while drummer Mark Hill provides percussion. Their latest single “Fantastic Love” was released in early October through Nick Guarino’s music review site

The Floozies have played alongside electronic superstars such as Big Gigantic and GRiZ as well as jam-band icon, Umphrey’s McGee. They have performed at several music festivals this summer such as Summer Camp, Wakarusa and Counterpoint.

The Daily Egyptian had the opportunity to interview Mark Hill before the upcoming concert.

Can you tell me more about the origin of The Floozies?

Sure. My brother, Matt, and I started playing house parties together in Lawrence, Kan. Eventually we started playing more shows and gaining more momentum until we raised enough money to start recording.

Where do you and Matt find most of your musical inspiration?

Since we were kids we’ve always been heavily influenced by blues and funk. Lettuce [a funk band from Boston] has always been a pretty big influence as well.


What inspired you in making your latest, and possibly most hip-hop oriented, full album “Tell Your Mother?”

I wouldn’t say we got the inspiration from the album from one single place or thing. We really try to create music from collective experiences.

Is there a projected release date for your next album, Fantastic Love? What can we look forward to hearing in the album?

The album is expected to be finished sometime in January 2015. I would say you could expect some more R&B influences than our tracks have had in the past.

Have there been any moments that have proven to be particularly memorable while on tour or at festivals this year?

Definitely playing with Lettuce. Those guys were one of our earliest motivations to make music, so being able to play alongside such a big influence of ours was a really great experience.

The Floozies have been touring across the country practically all of 2014. How do you maintain the stamina to keep continuously performing?

I mean, being on the road and playing is definitely tiring, but it doesn’t really feel like work if you’re having fun. 

What is in store for the future of The Floozies?

We’re actually looking forward to making our first international show next year. We’ll be playing a festival in Melbourne, Australia, which is shaping up to be a lot of fun. We’ve been to Puerto Rico before, but officially leaving the country will be an entirely new experience.

All of The Floozies’ music can be downloaded for free at

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