Masked DJ a mainstay in Carbondale clubs


DJ Fac3 performs Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, at Hangar 9 in Carbondale. DJ Fac3, a student studying biomedical science, keeps his identity hidden because he wants his audience to only focus on the music. (Branda Mitchell | @branda_mitchell)

By Tyra Wooten

An up-and-coming disk jockey is taking over Carbondale’s clubs with his unique mixing and a mysterious identity.

The DJ is known for his unique mixing style and the white mask he wears while on stage. Frozen in a perpetual grin, the mask is symbolic of the attitude the popular club scene figure emulates when he talks about his music.

“The way you mix is how you make people feel in the moment, and I love that feeling,” he said.


The mask’s purpose is twofold: it gives the brand a chance to shine while also concealing the artist’s identity from the team he plays for. DJFac3 spoke to the Daily Egyptian on the condition of anonymity because he said there is sensitivity surrounding his night job.

“Staying out past a certain time in an environment I shouldn’t be in can potentially compromise my commitment to my sport in the coach’s eyes,” he said.

DJFac3 recently signed with the record label Live Young Productions, Promotions & Entertainment, a company based in Chicago that was formed in Carbondale by SIU students.

Dorian Huff, who goes by the stage name DJ D9-3, is one of the company’s leaders and serves as a mentor to DJ Fac3. Huff, 23, said having a fellow disc jockey look to him for guidance is a great feeling.

“Just seeing DJ Fac3’s success so early right now, it’s definitely good,” Huff said.

While playing a sport and majoring in biomedical sciences, DJ Face3 said he uses his music as an escape. He added that the music is part of a local movement to restore black culture after recent years of escalated violence and discord with law enforcement.

“If I can make my way into the bars and invite that crowd in where things are regulated and secure, everyone can have fun,” DJ Face3 said.


DJ Fac3’s first performance was at a Sigma Lambda Beta house party, where people later encouraged him to more seriously pursue the pasttime.

“I was super nervous and I wasn’t even using my own equipment,” he said.

One year later, the disc jockey still plays fraternity house parties and local bars, including a regular Thursday gig at Hangar 9.

“It’s hard to balance your school work and priorities but I had to do that anyway being an athlete,” DJ Fac3 said. “Now, I just had to add another element to my life.”

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