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Photo of the Day: Jazz nights at the Grotto

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Photo of the Day: Jazz nights at the Grotto

By Autumn Suyko

Jim Wall, a senior lecturer of radio, television and digital media, plays jazz on a cello with his band, the 618 Jazz Ensemble, on Thursday at The Grotto Lounge in Carbondale.

“It’s my sanity,” Wall said of playing jazz. “It’s probably the most free form of music that there is.”

The jazz player explained that jazz has a structure, but it also involves a lot of improvisation.


“Mel [Goot] and I have been working together for years,” Wall said. “I know exactly what he’s going to do [when he plays piano] and he knows exactly what I’m going to do without even thinking about it, without rehearsing. We can look at each other a certain way, and I know what’s going to happen.”

Staff photographer Autumn Suyko can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @AutumnSuyko_DE.

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