The last run: Daily Egyptian press runs last time

By Sarah Gardner

At 1:18 a.m. Thursday, the last edition produced on the in-house printing press at the Daily Egyptian was complete. The final run was documented by Daily Egyptian employees and in thanking the press crew, a portrait of the six appeared on page one of the final issue.

“It is not the metal. Nor the ink, nor paper. Those are not what we lose. For those inanimate objects only act as containers for what we truly lose. Within those objects is the spirit of the Daily Egyptian. We lose tradition, passion and the people who worked each day on that machine. Words cannot express the importance of these individuals. Thank you Daily Egyptian press crew—past and present—for exemplifying what it means to have pride in what you do.” —Sarah Gardner, editor-in-chief


After 47 years, the press, which was converted from black-and-white only to full color by Printshop Superintendent Blake Mulholland, will sit dormant. Future issues will be printed in Cape, Girardeau, Mo. until a bidding process takes place and a printer is selected.