Watch: Nintendo releases details about portable console

By Sloan Marion

Nintendo on Thursday revealed its next console — the Nintendo Switch — through a trailer, showing its ability to be played at home as well as on the go.

Operating on a tablet design, the Switch uses a dock that connects to your television and “lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room,” according to Nintendo’s press release. The console can be removed from the dock and becomes a portable high quality display console.


The Switch’s controller, called the Joy-Con based on its similarity to a joystick but delivered on a console, provides a lot of variety to play on the system.

Nintendo allows the ability for the controller to be played with together, one in each hand, or shared between two different people.

“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime said of the console’s versatility.

For a traditional controller option, the Joy-Con controller offers a grip accessory that the Joy-Con can be connected to. Nintendo also has an optional Switch Pro Controller, which can be used instead to offer different options for a gamer’s preference.

Along with changes to traditional options, the Switch trailer reveals the use of gaming cartridges, similar to Nintendo’s DS cartridge, abandoning the industry stand of using disc.

Nintendo has also released a list of notable developers it’ll partner with for the console, such as Bethesda, Telltale Games and UBISOFT, expanding the range of type of games that Nintendo is often known for.

The Nintendo Switch will be out in March 2017. Nintendo has said it will release more information, including console specifications and pre-orders, in the weeks to come.


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