Smith Hall sewer spills into rooms

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

The first floor of Smith Hall flooded Wednesday evening after a clog in the main sewer line.

Crystal Bouhl, spokeswoman for university housing, said paper towels and hygiene products were flushed down a toilet, creating the clog.

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Bouhl said 10 rooms were affected by the flooding, with six having water spill into bedrooms.

Damage claims were filed by residents covering items such as: rugs, clothes, towels and pillows.

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Bouhl said affected residents were offered overnight accommodations, but all opted to stay with friends.

“My staff and I were very impressed with how understanding and appreciative the residents were during such a trying situation,” said Scott Taylor, supervisor of residential custodial operations.

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Staff spent four hours using wet vacuums and mops to suck up the water, disinfecting bathrooms and carpet in the hallways and remained on site until 2 a.m. Thursday.


“Unfortunately, these situations happen routinely in every hotel and university. The best plan of action is prevention – reminding residents of what can and cannot be flushed,” Bouhl said.

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She said she recommends students find if they are covered under their family’s home insurance policies or purchase renter’s insurance.

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