Molly Young lawsuit to proceed or dismiss within two weeks

By Marissa Novel, @MarissaNovelDE

The ruling to dismiss or proceed with the million-dollar lawsuit filed against Richie Minton for the wrongful death of his former girlfriend, Molly Young, is to be determined within the next two weeks.

Judge Charles Grace said he needs to review new documents presented to the Jackson County court before making a decision.

Young died of a gunshot wound to the head on March 24, 2012 in Minton’s apartment.


Young’s father, Larry Young, filed the civil suit in July before a report filed by the state’s attorney’s appellate prosecutor found there was too little evidence to claim the death a homicide in November.

“We’re just trying to get the truth by filing a civil case now because it’s been three years and we still don’t have answers,” Larry Young said.

Illinois law states the statute of limitations, or when someone can file a civil lawsuit, is two years in most cases.

There was a motion to dismiss the civil lawsuit because it was filed on June 30, 2014, about two years and three months after Young’s death.

But, the Young family’s attorney requested it should be extended to five years because of fraudulent concealment, or the withholding of information.

It was the first hearing under Judge Grace, who is substituting for Judge Christy Solverson. Young’s lawyer, Charles Stegemeyer, requested Judge Solverson’s removal citing that she could possibly be called as a witness if the case progresses.

Judge Solverson signed the search warrant for Minton’s apartment seven hours after Young’s death, according to a February report by The Southern Illinoisan.


Bryan Drew, Minton’s attorney, represented him in his absence. 

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