Art Auction displays local, foreign works

Art Auction displays local, foreign works

By Heather Cachola, Daily Egyptian

Children supporting children is the underlying theme of the 15th Annual For Kids’ Sake art auction, which raises money for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. 

This year’s closing ceremony is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, and 2015 marks the first year the festivities will expand out of the Longbranch Café & Bakery, where the event has been held in previous years, said Franchesca Alejo. Alejo, a freshman from Joliet studying aviation business and international studies, is also an intern with For Kids’ Sake.

The For Kids’ Sake organization, based in Carbondale, serves as the western fundraising branch, and also has locations in Europe and Asia. It is partnered with Bangladeshi projects — that build and fund schools, orphanages and cottage industries — to help make them self-sustainable.


All the proceeds from this event benefit more than 4,000 students and orphans in Bangladesh — their shelter, education, daily meals, health care and sustainable business are the main focuses, said Shema Ruperto, the director of For Kids’ Sake.

“The country Bangladesh suffers from severe overpopulation, for example America has 320 million people in the expanse of 50 states,” Ruperto said. “Bangladesh, being smaller than the state of Illinois, has a population of over 166 million people.” 

This charitable organization extends into Germany, Switzerland and Japan. There is artwork showcased from these areas, in addition to artwork from Bangladeshi and Carbondale students.

The event has raised an average of $12,000 to $15,000 per year through raffle tickets and auctioning the artwork, and Alejo expects the same amount this year. 

More than 100 business from the Carbondale area donated gifts and services to the show, Ruperto said.

Alejo said she loves the community aspect of the art drive. 

“You come here to go to school and it has the whole college aspect, but during this event, you really see that there is a community that really supports this event,” Alejo said. 


The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity has been working with this organization for the past four years. Fraternity members will provide the organization, clean-up and help facilitate the event, AJ Soriano said. Soriano, a senior studying business management from Downers Grove, was the philanthropy chairperson for the fraternity last semester.

Soriano said the artwork show does not just help children in the south Asian country.

“It has helped me personally because the people you work with at For Kids Sake, they offer their lives to helping not only the orphans in Bangladesh but also the community,” he said. 

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