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By Gus Bode

They began late Wednesday night when about 1,000 people holding candles, most of them students, gathered on a low grassy area on the Kent State University campus that is known as the Commons. Drums pounded in the background, a bell was rung, and then the crowd began to move slowly in procession, winding around the campus and ending up in the parking lot behind Prentice Hall.

There the candlelight vigil continued until precisely 12:24 p.m. Thursday. Then the Victory Bell in the Commons was rung again and once more Kent State University recalled the moment on May 4, 1970, that forever stamped this school as a symbol of the Vietnam War era and the bitter dissent it provoked:13 seconds of gunfire from a phalanx of Ohio National Guard troops on a ridge overlooking the parking lot, four students shot dead William Schroeder Jr., Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer and nine others wounded.

Thursday, the students of the 1990s sprawled on the steep slope of Blanket Hill over which the troops first marched on their way to the parking lot on the other side, and which now is planted with 58,175 daffodils to honor the Americans killed in Vietnam. The Victory Bell tolled 15 times, once for each of the Kent State casualties and for two Jackson State University students who were killed at a protest 11 days later in Mississippi.


Events like Thursday’s have propelled the war back into the national consciousness. On Sunday the 20th anniversary of the fall of Saigon was remembered. Robert S. McNamara’s new book, confessing his errors and doubts about the war, has reignited the old arguments and called forth a torrent of admiration and contempt. Vietnam is a shared experience that is truly amazing, former Sen. Howard M. Metzenbaum, D-Ohio, told the crowd on Blanket Hill. It both bonds us and divides us.

The prelude to the killings here was the invasion of Cambodia, ordered by Richard Nixon, who during the 1968 presidential campaign had promised to end the war. Student protests erupted here and on other campuses. On May 2, the Kent State ROTC building was destroyed by fire.

Ohio Gov. James A. Rhodes (R), in the midst of an unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate, ordered the National Guard to the campus. On May 4, in a haze of tear gas fired to disperse an anti-war rally, Guardsmen on the right flank of Troop G suddenly and inexplicably wheeled, aimed and fired. More than 60 shots were fired in the direction of students.

A presidential commission called the shooting indiscriminate, unwarranted and inexcusable. Eight of the 27 Guardsmen who fired were charged with civil rights violations, but a federal judge acquitted them in a directed verdict before the case went to the jury.

In the years since, May 4 has continued to haunt those who were here, the families of the victims and the university that bears the stigma. Some on the campus have wanted to forget, but even today’s Kent State students cannot entirely escape the legacy. Others don’t want to, for they consider this unfinished business.

Of the nine wounded Students, Alan Canfora, 46, is the most outspoken. He believes federal agents may have set the fire that destroyed the ROTC building as part of Nixon’s campaign for the suppression of student activism. Recently, Canfora wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno asking for the creation of a truth commission to reopen the case.

We don’t have the truth, Canfora said. There’s been no healing here.


Dean R. Kahler, 45, was far more grievously wounded than Canfora. Shot in the back, he was left partially paralyzed and is confined to a wheelchair. Like Canfora, Kahler believes the truth of the incident is still not known, but he is more willing to let go.

I do believe in forgiveness and I’ve come to terms with it, he said. If I didn’t, I’d be consumed by it.

Mary Ann Vecchio Gillum was not a Kent State student, but the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of her anguished face as she knelt over Miller’s body became the indelible image of the shootings. Wednesday night, following a dramatic re-enactment of the event, she told a hushed audience, It’s time to move on now.

If together we helped stop the war and saved lives, it’s all worth it, she said. We had a purpose. We had a good purpose in life.

Stephanie Campbell, 20, co-chair of the students’ May 4 Task Force, has devoted much of her energy this year to planning Thursday’s commemoration. She refers to the four dead students by their first names. I honestly feel as though I knew these people, she said.

Not everyone here shares her passion. Many students are apathetic, Campbell said, and there are still students that say they should have killed more. Their parents said that at the time.

But, she added, I’ve never met anyone on this campus, once they know the basic facts, that doesn’t care. Some of those people are angry at the Guardsmen; some are angry at the students. But I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t care.


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