‘War Room’ loses a winless battle

“War Room,” directed by Alex Kendrick and starring Priscilla C. Shirer and T.C. Stallings, is sexist, racist and an obvious piece of Christian propaganda.

This movie infuriatingly uses the most cringe-worthy stereotypes of black people.


A character named Miss Clara, played by Karen Abercrombie, plays the wacky, old, black woman caricature.  If she is not there to help a character with mythical advice, she is spouting stupid one-liners about smart phones and the Bible.

The movie tries to add diversity to a mainly whitewashed genre, and I commend it for this, but ruins it all by adding a hackneyed idea like Miss Clara.

To be even more offensive, “War Room” crosses the line between sexism and ignorance. The movie goes out of its way to put down women any chance it gets.

The main character is a strong, independent woman with her own job and an ability to one-up her husband.

But the first chance this movie gets, it makes sure to put here down in favor of her husband. It never matters that her husband is the devil incarnate — it is the main character’s job to improve their marriage.

While he is out preparing to cheat on her, Miss Clara is telling the character she needs to be submissive to her husband and pray he finds his way.


While not as bad as the pinnacle of terrible Christian films, Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas,” this movie hits new lows of offensive and uneducated content.

Stars: 1.5 out 5

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