The biggest changes in ‘Destiny’s’ 2.0 patch

By Grant Meyer l @GrantMeyerDe l Daily Egyptian

“Destiny” might finally be seeing the Light.

“The Taken King” is Destiny’s third expansion pack. A week before the new game is released the current “Destiny” game will receive patch to prepare players for the expansion and give them a taste of the changes.

These changes are tweaks to the core game experience. New missions, raid, competitive maps and open environment will only be available to those who have bought “The Taken King.”


To catch everyone up, here is the biggest changes to the game and their benefits:

Inventory is getting a massive overhaul

Previously players had to carry all their items on themselves or store them in the bank. The bank had separate sections for armor, weapons and miscellaneous items. These places would fill up quickly and overflow with items, so players were forced to be selective with the items they wanted.

With patch 2.0, inventory space for weapons and armor is raised to 72 slots — more than double the previous size. Meanwhile, the general tab will raise to 36 slots.

Even better, any cosmetic items — ships, shaders and emblems — will now be stored in their own kiosks near the appropriate vendors in the game’s social space, the Tower.

These items had their own locations in your character’s inventory, but it could only hold nine of each with any extras going into your bank. Now, if you unlock a cosmetic item at any point in the game and delete it they will be available for purchase from the kiosk again.

Revamped Light level system

Originally, the regular level cap was 20, but players could raise their level to a maximum of 34 with Light.

Light is an important statistic when a character reaches the maximum level because Light strengthens all aspects of a character. The more Light a player has the more damage their weapons, grenades and abilities will do and the more damage they will be able to take.

With the update, Light will only increase ability strength. Players can reach the new level cap of 40 with experience from missions. Light will still be the most important statistic and a player will have a separate statistic called Light Level. 

Better quest and bounty organization

Bounties and quests are getting a renovation — They now act as similar activities where a player would fulfill an objective and turn them in for experience or reputation increases.

Those aspects are staying the same but the player is not as limited as before.

Players can now hold up to 16 bounties at once up from the previous 10. Not only that, but you can finally track your bounties progress. Instead of having to navigate through your inventory screen you can now track a bounty by pulling up your Ghost companion, trading three to five button presses for one to check them.

There is certainly more to check out in this patch, but these are the biggest changes. For all the tweaks and patch notes head to Bungie’s website.

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