Get to know SIU’s starting quarterback

By Sammie Lisberg and Branda Mitchell, Daily Egyptian

Mark Iannotti

Class: Senior

Major: Marketing



Hometown: Schaumburg

Favorite NFL team: Chicago Bears. Just growing up in Chicago you got Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs  — you have to be a Chicago fan.

Favorite moment playing at SIU: The best moment was last season when I threw for 6 touchdown passes in a game and tied the school record.

Season goals: We kind of had a rough start, but we can make a playoff run. We just need to turn it around with this game against Liberty.

Pre-game rituals: The only ritual would be to separate myself from the world. I put on some country music and relax. It’s a way to clear my head.

Post-graduation goals: After I graduate I want to go play in Europe, either in Italy or Germany and play for a little bit before I get a job.

Why he started playing football: My dad had played football and he asked me if I wanted to make the switch [from hockey]. So, he started up a flag-football team, I took it, ran with it and never stopped. 

The story behind #19: My number was given to me after I transferred. My first year of high school quarterback was #19 so it was coincidental, it kind of worked out.