Housing stands by no guest policy

By Shannon Allen, @ShannonAllen_DE

Residence Halls will be closed for non-resident guests during Halloween weekend.

The no guest policy, now in its second year, was implemented to ensure the safety of students who live at the residence halls, according to Housing Director Crystal Bouhl. 

Bouhl said guest visits are restricted several times during the year. According to the University Housing website, visitation is typically also restricted during Unofficial Halloween, Solar Bear and Polar Bear. The policy was enforced this past weekend for Unofficial Halloween.


“During these periods, residents are expected to adhere to the restricted guest policy,” Bouhl said. “Guests or residents in violation of policies will face consequences, which depend on the severity of the violation.”

Natasha Dempsey, a resident assistant at Warren Hall, said since Thompson Point does not require its residents to sign in their guests, it is difficult to confirm a resident is violating the policy.

“There is no way of me knowing a resident has a guest unless I see them in the hall or walking around,” Dempsey said. “Luckily, most residents go out for these holidays and stay with friends off campus.”

Dempsey said if she sees someone she knows does not live in Warren, she has to tell that person to leave. If the person refuses to leave, Dempsey must call her supervisor. If the person still refuses to leave, the supervisor will then call the Department of Public Safety.

“That part is always really awkward, but it helps keep the building safe,” Dempsey said.

Unlike west campus, residents in east campus are required to sign themselves and their guests in.

Jake Barker, a freshman from Taylorville studying music business, lives in Schneider Hall and said he thinks the “no guest” policy is successful.


“I understand the school’s reasoning for not allowing guests in the towers. But, the only reason for the guest ban is because SIU has let the Unofficial Halloween tradition get out of hand when people are breaking windows and flipping cars,” Barker said.

Bouhl said east campus will turn restricted guests away at the door and on-duty staff will enforce the policy at west campus.

Bouhl said the policy has proven to boost residential safety but did not elaborate.

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