Spring graduate assistantship contracts move forward, other positions to be cut

By Cory Ray, @coryray_DE

SIUC interim Chancellor Brad Colwell released a statement Monday regarding new temporary measures to tackle the ongoing budget crisis.

Colwell must now approve any requests for full-time staff positions.

“All hiring from any funding source [excluding external grants] will be limited to positions necessary to maintain the core mission of the university and essential supporting services,” Colwell said in the release. 


Colwell issued plans to work toward approving graduate assistantship contracts for the spring semester, which includes one caveat: graduate assistantship appointment forms must now include a brief job description. 

The addition of the job description is to ensure positions will perform necessary functions for the university, as said by University Spokesperson Rae Goldsmith.

Also, all current extra-help positions will be reviewed at the vice-chancellor level.

Positions paid through external grants may continue as necessary. Revenue-generating positions that are self-supporting may continue as long as there are no alternative staffing options. 

Extra-help positions are temporary, short-term positions that can range from anything from groundswork to office support, according to Goldsmith. Any other extra-help positions are expected to be terminated by Nov. 30 with exceptions being reviewed by the chancellor. 

As the state of Illinois lacks a state budget, reimbursements may not be seen for months after the state finally does have a budget, according to Colwell. 

In the absence of those reimbursements, Colwell stressed the importance of being conservative with money and advised increased awareness of spending during this period. Colwell said small items can add up to a large sum when taking the entire campus into consideration. He warned the purchases of goods, services and travels should be delayed from funding sources at this time. 


“The ongoing lack of a stare budget means that we must further tighten our belts in order to support continued operations through the spring semester and the remainder of the fiscal year,” he said.

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