19 alcohol-related visits to ER during Unofficial Halloween

By Cory Ray, @CoryRay_DE

The Memorial Hospital of Carbondale’s Emergency Department saw a total of 19 alcohol related injuries this weekend, according to Southern Illinois Healthcare Communications Coordinator Rosslind Rice. 

Of the 19, seven of the patients exhibited blood-alcohol levels, six of which were underage.

The hospital also saw 12 victims of assault, including wounds, lacerations, musculoskeletal injuries and fractures. 


Rice said these numbers are preliminary and the count could be higher as it is hard to categorize the injuries as a result from Unofficial Halloween.

“We always have to have extra staff … doctors and additional nurses to handle the load,” Rice said. “We have to [prepare beforehand]. Our volumes are already high; it’s an emergency room, but when you have risk of such, you have to plan ahead.”

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