New license allows theater opportunity to serve alcohol

AMC Theaters has achieved another step in their quest to serve alcohol in Carbondale.

The Carbondale City Council on Tuesday amended its liquor code to include a “Class K” license, which will allow AMC Theaters to serve alcohol if approved.

“The hurdle for a new classification is certainly a little greater than normal licenses,” said Carbondale City Clerk Jennifer Sorrell.


Once the city creates documentation for the classification, AMC must complete it and the council’s business questionnaire, which includes a series of questions to ensure the business knows applicable city codes and has a viable plan in place.

Approval of a license from the city will take four to six weeks after submission.

She said if approved, AMC would then have to go before the liquor commission to complete another series of tests.

The license will allow AMC to serve alcohol at a bar separate from other concessions, which Sorrell said would require remodeling. 

Ethan Richardson, a senior from Benton studying computer science, said he was a unsure if he would drink alcohol while seeing a movie.

“Personally, I don’t know if I would sit down and drink,” he said. “I think it’s kind of boring just sitting in a dark room.” 

Richardson said he is not against it, but thinks there is little point.


Even if someone does it with friends, a theater is not a place to socialize, which is an significant reason why people drink, he said. But, he does feel whatever makes people go to the theater is a good idea.

Thomas Campbell, a sophomore from Collinsville studying biochemistry,  said he was also somewhat skeptical about how the potential addition may change the moviegoing atmosphere.

“Regardless of what it is, I want to have the best experience I can,” he said. “And if someone is more inclined to be rowdy under the influence of alcohol, that could change the whole thing.”

He said it would be important to make a limit and conduct rule, as it could change the theaters reputation. He also said cost of alcohol coupled with the price of tickets and other concessions could steer people away.

“With tickets being 8 plus dollars, kind of hard to make a routine out of it,” he said.