Man arrested on kidnapping charges

By Gus Bode

Carbondale man arrested on kidnapping charges

FBI involved in investigation

A Carbondale man is being held in custody after allegedly kidnapping two women at gunpoint in a local convenience store and forcing them to drive him to Missouri.


According to Carbondale Police, Robert Gibson, 20, allegedly abducted the two women shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of the Convenient Food Mart, located at 315 E. Walnut.

Gibson then reportedly had the victims drive to St. Charles, Mo., where, at about 6 a.m., the three stopped for fuel. Police say Gibson went into the station to pay for the gas, which gave the women an opportunity to escape. They drove to a nearby gas station and called police.

The crime has brought on a joint investigation by the FBI and the Illinois State Police.

From the women’s description of the suspect, St. Charles police apprehended Gibson at approximately 6:16 a.m. fleeing on foot a short distance from the first gas station.

Gibson is being held on charges of kidnapping, armed criminal action and possession of marijuana.

Carbondale Police are involved with the FBI in pursuing these and other federal charges against Gibson, although federal agents haven’t determined the jurisdiction or state in which he’ll be tried. Gibson is being held at the St. Charles County Jail.

Carbondale Police say Gibson’s last-known residence in Carbondale is 613 E. College St., and a St. Charles Police Department press release indicated that Gibson is originally from St. Louis, Mo.


Rick Stonecipher, an agent with the FBI in Carbondale, said crossing over state lines after a serious crime such as this may warrant a federal investigation.

“We have an interest in kidnapping issues, and with the inter-state nexus, those are both things we look at,” Stonecipher said. “Right now, all that’s still being sorted out.”

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