Sight- n. – 1) Something seen or worth seeing 2) The act of seeing; vt. – 1) To observe

By Gus Bode

I originally had another topic I wanted to address today, but because of an email I received, that particular article will have to wait until next week. Before I begin I have to say, I know there is no way you can completely understand what I’m talking about without having read the article, so anybody who wants me to send it to them can e-mail me to see the extent of our mental enslavement.

On Friday I received an email from my cousin, and along with it was an attachment of a speech given by a white man named Dee Lee on a New York radio station earlier that week.

In this speech he stated that black people are at the bottom of the barrel because of the ignorance, greed and selfishness of black people and that we will never be able to achieve what they (white people) have. He even went as far as to analyze W.E.B. Dubois and his theory of the “Talented Tenth” and accuse them of lacking the integrity to help the other 90 percent of black people to make progress.


Like Willie Lynch before him, who used fear, distrust and envy (of each other) to mentally control his slaves, Lee knows that because we are mentally dead, we will never get past this position. As he said, and I quote, “Selfishness, ingrained in their minds through slavery, is one of the major ways that we continue to contain them.” What bothers me is not so much what he said. It’s that he was actually telling the truth, and what makes it even harder to deal with is the fact he was telling the truth and he was able to get away with it.

The proof truth in his statements is that he was able to say what he said to the general public. You see, if there was ever a moment in his speech that was not saturated with the truth, he himself would not have the guts to say what he said for fear of black people who could and would. in fact, prove him wrong.

This man was so sure of himself he knew there was no way anybody could prove him wrong. We are so lost as a people that some of us will even deny there is a problem, yet everybody else (all other races) can see it and it’s evident in their attitude towards black people. We are so blinded – by what I don’t know – that we don’t see what follows us every waking moment of our lives.

Another thing to look at is that he, a white man, read literature by Dubois and took enough time to analyze it to the point he was able to draw the conclusion that we don’t even know how to look out for our people. Here you have a white man who has educated himself on black empowerment more than some black people.

Even I must admit that I didn’t know of the “Talented Tenth” theory until I read the speech and researched the theory. That is one way they will always have a hold on us. By understanding what we don’t and teaching themselves to know more about us than we do, we are just handing over the white flag.

What we have here is a diagnosis for black people that is not good at all, and if we don’t wake up it’s only going to get worse. Unfortunately for him, there were a few black people with the sense our maker gave them who were able to learn from his speech and spread the word, so we can at least try and get it together.

This is not about white people and their corruption; this is about black people in an almost seemingly desired slumber. We owe it to ourselves to be better to ourselves. As soon as we realize that we’ve aided our oppressors in our oppression, we can work towards change.