“A Taste of Chocolate” comes to Civic Center

By Gus Bode

The event helps to raise money for the Women’s Center

Factoid:A Taste of Chocolate will take place tonight at 7 p.m. at the Carbondale Civic Center. Tickets are available at the door for $25. For more information, contact Iva Dell Clay at 549-4807 ext. 228. Proceeds benefit the Women’s Center’s effort to aid victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

If not, the Women’s Center has a tasty option.


The fund-raising event, “A Taste of Chocolate,” will take place at the Carbondale Civic Center, 200 S. Illinois Ave, at 7 tonight.

“We just want to have a fun, unique event, where people could come out and have a good time,” said development coordinator Iva Dell Clay. “Women and chocolate just seem like a mandated combination.”

The third annual event was inspired by a former employee who attended a similar event in other areas and wanted to give local residents a chance to have a taste of the event and all it had to offer.

Although the event focuses on showcasing the tastes of local vendors of chocolate, such as Cristaudo’s and The Chocolate Factory, there is more to the event than indulging in chocolate.

In addition to sampling, attendants will also have the opportunity to enjoy drinks from the bar, which will include milk to complement the main course. While tasting and socializing, participants will also have the opportunity to dance to the sounds of Mercy, a local jazz band playing at the event.

Once they have gotten their fill of Valentine’s Day’s most popular candy, attendants will have the chance to pick up something for their “sweetheart” at the silent auction.

Items ranging from a stuffed alligator to an SIUC golf bag and various pieces of art will be auctioned off at the benefit. Proceeds from both ticket sales and the auction will benefit services and programs of the Women’s Center, an establishment for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.


With the help of advertising, Cammile Dorris, Women’s Center director, said the event has gone well in the past and is certain this year will be no exception. She said any member of the community who wishes to support the center and partake of the evening’s main course, is still able to purchase tickets at the door prior to the event.

“This is a light-hearted event for a serious issue,” said Dorris. “It’s an opportunity not only to see each other, but to try local artist’s and shop for gifts for Valentine’s Day.”

Reporter Jessica Yorama can be reached at [email protected]